Monday, October 24, 2011

How can I tell if I need a thermostat or a new water pump for my 94 Honda Accord?

The engine is overheating after about thirty minutes of driving.

The oil and anti-freeze levels are fine.

The top radiator hose gets hot, as does the radiator itself.

The heater works fine, blows hot air.

From advice I received, I am gambling on changing the thermostat, but would like to be sure I'm not wasting time and money.

Also, does anyone know of any links which have videos or diagrams of how to change a 94 Honda Accord thermostat?

Thanks!How can I tell if I need a thermostat or a new water pump for my 94 Honda Accord?start with a thermostat and see.

all you have to do is start at the top hose on your radiator and follow it to the top of your engine. under that spot of the hose is the thermostat. loosen that and take out the thermostat.

Make sure you Have a thermostat and gasket Prior to taking it apart, unless u have another way to an auto store.

Cracked radiator on my 1997 toyota t-100?

Just got an oil change on my truck and they told me that I had a cracked radiator. Question is, is there any temporary fix I can do for like a week or so until payday when I can pay to get it fixed. Should I just keep a gallon of water on me and keep filling the radiator. Also I know nothing about auto maintenance, not even how to change oil. Please help me because I am broke until payday.Cracked radiator on my 1997 toyota t-100?There are products you can buy at auto parts store to temporarily plug holes in radiators. They're called %26quot;Stop Leak%26quot; or something like that; but I don't know how well they will work on cracks or how much they cost. But whatever you do, keep an eye on your temp. gauge and carry water with you.Cracked radiator on my 1997 toyota t-100?I used this stuff I picked up at pepboys called PLASTIC TANK REPAIR made by CARGO, stuff worked great, I have a car that is still out their for 2 months after repair, if your stuck and need a fast repair use this stuff.

You can also take your radiator out and take it to a radiator repair shop and they can just replace the one tank that is leaking, works fine too

Another option is to just buy a new radiator, depending on the car you have they cost between $89.00 to $150.00

Just make sure you replace the thermostat after either repair
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  • Where on the internet can I find information on when to perform regular vehicle maintenance operations?

    Nearly every time I go to an oil change place, they recommend a random extra service such as replacement of fuel filter or radiator flush. I am unable to find recommendations for my '92 Corolla in the owners' manual and everywhere else I have looked. Can someone please tell me an internet resource that would tell me in general how often to do the various maintenance services?Where on the internet can I find information on when to perform regular vehicle maintenance operations?You likely do not need any of this. It is hard to find a reputable mechanic. Most of those places are about sales, not what is really needed. Some even charge for things they do not do. If you need things done like fuel filters, radiator flush, trans fluid change, etc, take it to an actual mechanic, not an oil change facility.Where on the internet can I find information on when to perform regular vehicle maintenance operations?

    1991 honda civic engine slows when headlights turned on?

    hi 1991 honda civic engine slows down when i turn on the head lights ? is there any thing serious with it.. i recently changed the batteries, bulb's and radiator on the car.. i bought this car recently from a dealer for kbb value .. if take this car to a mechanic how much would i be charged?1991 honda civic engine slows when headlights turned on?Don't take it to a mechanic for that. The idle needle valve is just a bit far open or there is a small vacuum leak that is making the idle slightly above the correct cold idle setting, about 700 rpm. That prevents the Idle Air Control valve from doing anything - it stays closed - and the extra drag of the alternator when you turn the lights on slows the engine.

    My money is on a vacuum leak, and the intake manifold gasket is top of the list. As long as you don't have more distressing symptoms (very high idle, idle %26quot;hunting%26quot;) there is really nothing worth doing with it.1991 honda civic engine slows when headlights turned on?Michael, I am having a different problem with the car and I have my question posted below, could you please let me know what could be causing the problem,;_ylt=ApjRzIXRhNlCrflrUMfCAQbty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100321050447AA1mpiE

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    1991 honda civic engine slows when headlights turned on?have u got the alternator tested as well as the battery?.1991 honda civic engine slows when headlights turned on?Get your alternator and battery tested, one of those could be on it's way out and unable to carry the electrical load it should.

    The older Civic's tend to have a weird idle as more electrical accessories are used so it can also be a little normal.

    Well well it was the Radiator after all!!?

    Ok this am I took my car to sears there is approx 5 in crack on the radiator, when the guy squeezed the hose you can see the coolant coming out. What is your take on repairs, should I get a used radiator, buy the temp seal, or replace with a brand new one. MORE IMPORTANTLY could this have cracked when they did the coolant exchange and secondly if it was a preexisting crack, would they have seen some leakage at the time of doing the exchange...Thats what I really want to know...

    Here is the hx from my first post

    have a 95 Toyota Camry V4. The other day my car overheated. There was smoke coming from below the hood and the temp gage was at the H level. When I looked at the coolant tank it was empty. So I filled water and coolant in the radiator. About 6 days later I checked the tank again it was empty. So I filled the tank part with coolant about 3 hours later and a 15 min drive later (to some stores) I looked at the tank and it was halfway gone (i filled it to the line). I find it strange that it took 6 days to empty completely but not even 2-3 hours for it to go half way full. So I am wondering if the car is getting worse. I havent had another overheating and the temp gage has been at the middle level. I am wondering what the problem is and what you think the repairs might cost. I am a woman and I have always had a hard time with auto shops because they always seem to take advantage, and tell me that there is so many things wrong with the car. I just want to go in prepared. Thanks

    Additional Details

    18 hours ago

    BTW how safe is it to drive like this? I mean as long as I check the coolant tank. I cant afford repairs this minute. And should I fill that tank with coolant or water. Thanks

    17 hours ago

    Oh yeah on July 10th I went to sears and purchased a package deal that inlcuded a coolant exhange, fuel system cleaning and oil change. If there was a crack, leak etc... would they have seen/determined this when they did the coolant exchange??? On my invoice it is says belts, leakage, pressure cap, hoses other all are check off and no recommedation are suggested, and that was done on July 10th is it possible for whatever to go wrong so soon after that. Again I never had a problem with overheating beforeWell well it was the Radiator after all!!?If you keep the coolant level full enough to not overheat, it wouldn't harm your engine. But with a 5%26quot; crack in your radiator it is not going to stay full even without driving your car and building heat and pressure in the cooling system. You need to replace the radiator then add coolant but until you fix the leak use only water to refill it. I run a repair shop and when I tell someone that there is something wrong with their car it is because there is something wrong with it, if your shop needs to drum up business by lying to their customers then find another one. There is more than enough repair business out there without ripping someone off.Well well it was the Radiator after all!!?If it were me I'd be talking to the manager at Sears about what they are going to cover on this repair. If they did a coolant exchange and reported no problem, it's not likely a 5 inch crack would suddenly and mysteriously appear shortly afterward.

    I would expect them to repair what they caused by replacing the radiator.

    Don't get mad or mean about it, but do tell them what you expect from them.

    How do I turn down the heat on my forced hot water home radiators?

    The radiator has a knob that says %26quot;off%26quot; turn counter clockwise, I turn it all the way and the heat doesn't seem to go down, I would think that less water would go through the radiator. Any know how th eknob I turn it half way to stop the water from passing through? I know this sounds silly but the knob moves up and down but the heat doesn't seem to change.How do I turn down the heat on my forced hot water home radiators?Most likely, the flow would not change, this switch should regulate the temperature. I would check the gas valve, it may be stuck. Also, if you have an ohmeter, you should see a change in resistance as you turn the temp. control.How do I turn down the heat on my forced hot water home radiators?The individual radiator flow control valves are better left open except for instances where only a few rooms woud be empty, or to lower the water flow volume say in a hot upstairs bedroom. You don't want to restrict them all.

    If the whole house is a bit too warm, then the boiler settings should be lowered to the range permitted in your owners manual. If you don't have this, better get a qualified tech as this is a boiler.How do I turn down the heat on my forced hot water home radiators?if these are cast iron radiators they will take a while to cool down. the knob controls a restrictor inside the valve, it doesn't shut the water completely off. this is done because, back in the days when houses weren't insulated, the radiator could freeze. the plate inside has a hole in it to maintain water movement at all times so this won't happen. with cast iron rads you are better off turning down the thermostat to control the heat. good luck.

    How to Bypass 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Heater Core?

    The heater core is leaking on the passenger side of the cabin. How hard is it to do a bypass? How is is it done? Step-by step method. I am a change oil and filter guy and not a mechanic.

    The radiator shop wants $500 to replace the heater core. I would like to keep the Jeep for pulling a pop-up camper.How to Bypass 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Heater Core?Well, 500 bucks to change the heater core is not too bad, considering the entire dashboard has to be removed to get to it.

    Anyhow, it's real simple to bypass the heater. You can't block the flow - it has to always be circulating. Just cut the 2 hoses entering and exiting the firewall with a utility knife and connect them together with a coupler and clamps.

    Before you bypass the heater, check that the problem isn't with one of those connections at the firewall. I had leaking antifreeze coming into the passenger side and the shop told me the core was bad and wanted 700-800 to replace it. I decided to do it myself. Bought a core for 79.00. Then started taking things apart. I noticed that one of the hose clamps was loose and was squirting water into the core when the engine ran. Put a new clamp on it and no more leak!
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